Value of Our Time

In 2010 I created a business from a true love of caring for other’s pets.  I began dog walking and in-home pet sitting for customers with time-crunched calendars, and senior assistance for those who could physically not give their pets the care that they desired.  Looking back, I see how the love and passion I have for my business has grown.  I also see the sincere appreciation my customers have for the dependable care, love and professionalism that is provided to their pet family.  However, it wasn’t until recently that I realized an equal appreciation for something that wasn’t on our list of services, time.

As a self-employed mother of two busy teenagers and a husband who never stops, I completely understand the complexity of juggling time. Balancing time reminds me of when I was a kid at school recess playing endlessly on the teeter totter.  Some moments you are up in the air floating around and not in control; other moments your feet are so heavy to the ground it takes great force to push yourself back up; but every so often you find that moment of balance, right in the middle where it feels effortless and peaceful.

The feeling of effortlessness and peace is what my customer’s feel when they don’t have to rush home; or take time off work for pet appointments; or struggle to push in a physically negative way.  Those feelings naturally evolved to customers asking for additional services such as house sitting, small errand running, or waiting services for the repair person.  My customers are no different than I am.  A life with a busy calendar, a long list of to-dos, and always seeking to find the time for the things that matter the most will always be a part of our life.  But the reality is that there are only 24 hours in each day and that requires us to decide which item on our list has a higher priority.

I have grown to realize a deeper meaning of the value of time.  I now know that I can choose to use the precious 24 hours I am blessed to be given each day on the things that are less important or those things that matter most in my life.  In raising our boys, my husband and I try to teach them the importance of maximizing the time we have each been given: To live each day in a way that deepens their relationships; that sets success and happiness for their future; and ultimately know that time is something we cannot control, but we can control what we spend our time on.

As I continue to find creative ways to maximize my 24 hours, teach my family ways to value their time, and assist my customers with tasks so they can enjoy more of their 24 hours, I look forward to spending time writing this blog as I share what I learn with you.

Enjoy your time today!

Christy Williams

Owner, Evansville Errands