Business Errands

Companies recognize that their employees have less time than they used to. When you hire Evansville Errands, employees are allowed to focus their time on those activities that add the most value to the organization and shows the employee that the company understands the multiple demands on their time.

Special requests are our speciality, so call to discuss your specific business need. 

Pick-Up and Delivery Services

Evansville Errands will pick up and deliver any item that will fit in our vehicle including food for meetings, presentation materials, and supplies.  We can even pick up and drive company vehicles for any automotive appointments.

Shopping Services

Need a gift for an employee or customer?  Evansville Errands will handle all of the details including all the way down to the bow wrapped around it. 

Event Assistance

You have everything planned down to the last little detail, and you enjoyed the time you put into creating a wonderful event.  Now the only last thing you need is an extra set, or two, of hands to help pull it off.  Let Evansville Errands assist you in overseeing the details you have planned for your special event.

Secret Shopping

Want to improve the quality of service your business provides?  Need help identifying business hazards such as fraud and dishonesty?  Want more facts to make a business decision?  Evansville Errands will work with you to design a custom plan to obtain a successful secret shopping experience.

Internet Research

The internet provides a wealth of information. But in today’s world it can be hard to navigate the overwhelming amount of details the search engines provide.  As your personal internet assistant, Evansville Errands will collect competitive information, locate and qualify potential partners, and research a target market.  

After designing a custom research document, we will use all of the major search engines and authoritative websites to find all of the critical material relating to your Internet research needs.

Other Services

Don’t see your specific need? Special requests are our speciality, so call to discuss your specific need.